Judge to ex-postal worker who raced while on disability: ‘This is fraud.’

Jerry French, 41, was ordered to serve four years’ probation and pay restitution of $20,000 to the Postal Service Accounts Center with at least $200 per month. U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Rose also said French is prohibited from owning weapons.

“At the very least, this is a very, very, very bad mistake on your part,” Rose told French. “There needs to be restitution made in this matter. The public needs to be protected from this. This is fraud.

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Sumbitch should have to pay back $94,000 plus penalty.


Seriously?!? He should have to pay it all back!! That’s BS!!

These people are the reason legitimate claims are delayed and denied.They should be made pay full restitution,and have mandatory jail time in federal prison.

I hope he lost his disability but the judge was too lenient.