Judge sentences ex letter carrier to 5 hours in jail after mail theft

U.S. District Judge Henry C. Morgan Jr. does not like mail theft.

It is a serious crime, he said Monday to a former Norfolk letter carrier now in trouble with the law. And it can have far reaching impacts on those who rely on the U.S. Postal Service.

But, Morgan said, judges rarely order such offenders to serve lengthy jail sentences, and he was reluctant to start. It didn’t matter if the case at hand involved more than 5,000 pieces of undelivered mail.

“Under other circumstances, the court would impose some sort of active sentence,” the federal judge said Tuesday in his Norfolk courtroom. “But it appears historically that is not the case.”

In all, Morgan sentenced Toya Worlds to almost five hours in a holding cell. Upon her release at 4 p.m., she will be placed on three years supervised probation.

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Conviction of stealing mail is only worth 5 hours. There is no justice in America any more.

That sentence was a joke. It will not send a message to others that this is wrong. It wasn’t even a whole work day. 8 hours.

No accountability. 5hrs is a joke. She should do a lengthy jail sentence. What eles has she gotten awAy with