Jeff Bezos says USPS gave Amazon boost, risks angering Trump

Amazon would not be the $995 billion company it is today without the US Postal Service, according to CEO Jeff Bezos.

In an interview with the “CBS Evening News” on Monday, Bezos said the Postal Service gave Amazon a huge helping hand from the outset, as the online retailer did not have to invest in a delivery network.

“I didn’t have to build a transportation network to deliver the packages,” Bezos told Norah O’Donnell. “It existed: It was called the post office.”

The comments were designed to contrast with the work Bezos is doing to commercialize space travel. Bezos said he was investing up front to build infrastructure, which should enable future generations to enter the field more easily — a bit like what the Postal Service did for Amazon.

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But he did make a deal with the USPS to have carriers have to work on Sundays

Of course Amazon built a $995 billion company, they received and are still receiving free delivery 7 days a week!

What Rocket Scientists found that out!