Jacksonville postal worker says he was taunted, cursed because of his race

Mick Walls is no stranger to having cruel words hurled at him because of the color of his skin.

“It’s sad to say that I can say I’m used to it,” said Walls, 45, a postal worker in Jacksonville.

But while he was working Monday, the taunts went beyond the sting of racism. Walls felt forced to seek protection after two vehicles drove around his route, their occupants yelling at him, simply because he is black.

“This was not an everyday thing,” Walls said Friday. “I didn’t know what their intentions were, so I grabbed a rock and placed it in my pocket.”

He said he was at South Clay and East Superior avenues when a red pickup truck with a Confederate flag emblem on the back window drove past. The white occupants yelled vulgarities and racial epithets before driving away.

Walls continued his work.

Forty-five minutes later, while Walls was walking his route on Hardin and Michigan avenues, a different vehicle — this one a white sedan with tinted windows — drove past. The windows were rolled down just enough for the occupant’s words to escape before the vehicle drove away: “(Expletive) you. (Expletive) Black Lives Matter … I hope they kill all you (expletive).”

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