It’s Time, Finally, for the Postal Service to Figure Out What Its Products Cost to Deliver

Postmaster General Megan Brennan told reporters last Friday things are getting worse for the U.S. Postal Service and she sees no end in sight to the red ink.

When asked how long it would take for the Postal Service to return to profitability if Congress passed legislation that included her proposals for stabilizing its financing, Brennan responded, “Well, it’s a sizable gap – a $125 billion net loss over 10 years. We can aggressively manage it and try to control costs where we can, but we cannot return to financial stability absent regulatory reform.”

Brennan said the Postal Service is working to finalize by July a 10-year plan to “identify initiatives necessary to operate long-term financially sustainable models” for the Postal Service. So far, she is long on urgency but short on actionable ideas.

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She needs to go

I like the last line as it is typical for management.

Paying the highest paid carriers overtime and leaving the lowest paid CCAs sit at home is very cost efficient lmao. She has no clue.

Rural Free delivery was started because no private company could make money at it. Was intended to be a service. The Post Office is trying to do the Impossible. Guessing going to 3 day delivery in places there are more miles than mail. rt 1 mon wed fri, rt 2 tue thr sat.

What the USPS has lacked is to be managed by financial and business experienced people. Loss of USPS jobs would greatly impact the nations economy. It will also affect other companies that do business with the USPS. Middle Class Working Americans are the backbone of the nation and fuel the economy of which work for the USPS. Whether all you well informed and seem to know so much need to know is federal jobs are on the cutting board. OPM, DOL, EPA and portions of the CDC resulting in more job losses. Americans loosing good paying jobs for any reason… Read more »

It sure seems things have really went downhill financially and leadership-wise since Megan Brennan became postmaster general. Is she behind all the nit-picky crap coming down the pike through the POOM’s. The latest being that they send a second truck to bring another round of parcels that we then have to deliver after we get back from the route for the day. The other day I finished my route, came back to the PO and then had to go out and deliver parcels for another hour and a half. They will (???) pay mileage but not time. The POOM says… Read more »

If you are a Rural that is a grievance.We are paid to deliver the route once a day. plus if the PO does not make money on the first trip. They claim they only charge the amount up the driveway. they are wasting your time and their money. It is also under cutting the classes of mail. Express mail charges plenty for better service. All these companies want great service for free.

The financial mismanagement by the USPS never ceases to amaze me. Maybe if they had to manage on a budget like most Americans do they could recover. But they daily make the stupidest financial decisions anyone with basic math and common sense would not make. Ugh!!!!!!! The frustration just gets to me because the mismanagement is going to take the PO down along with our jobs.

Step one should be “Remove the pre-funding mandate”. That would be a good start.

May need it sooner if they bleed cash and are put under