It’s a dangerous world for postal workers – 2019 stats and more

I went through the posts here on Postaltimes for 2019 and counted any article that mentioned an attack on a postal worker. I also included dog attacks, vehicle accidents, deaths and murders and more. . Keep in mind, these are articles that mention the terms, so some could be about the same story, but different articles.  Scary stats that don’t even show those that I might not have reported on or those that were never reported by the media.

Here is what I came up for the year 2019


Searches below include previous years in addition to those in 2019 to show the number of attacks on postal workers is outrageous.

27 Accidents – Click here

11 Murders – Click here

14 Deaths – Click here

80 Attacks – Click here

41 Robberies – Click here

 This doesn’t include the LLV’s bursting into flames.. You can see those at this link


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This is a lowball number too, since i am guessing it is only including incidents were articles occurred. It is crazy out here. 🙁 I was mauled by a dog on 11/21 and not a peep. I am sure there are tons and tons of others which makes this so depressing.

I know a city carrier that had reported a vicious dog repeatedly before the dog chased him forcing him to jump a fence to safety and unfortunately, broke his ankle when he landed. There was no article about that. PMs don’t want anyone to know because if it gets on their safety record, they lose BONUS MONEY. Plus if the reports cause an increase in office supply expenses causing them to go over the limit, they also lose that BONUS MONEY. My PM bragged to me that scrimping on pens and toilet paper one year gave him enough BONUS MONEY… Read more »

What is the murder rate per 100,000 postal workers and is that lower or higher than the murder rate per 100,000 for the general public? Okay, so the state of Louisiana had a murder rate of 11.7 per 100,000 people (2017 or something). The postal service had 11 murders in 2019, for 497,000 career and 137,000 non-career postal employees counted in 2018. That’s a per 100,000 murder rate of 1.37 (assuming there was zero growth and zero decline in postal employee numbers). The United States had a national murder rate per 100,000 of 5.1 in 2018. The state with the… Read more »