Is this how the U.S. should treat its postal service?

As COVID-19 case counts continue to climb, it becomes more and more likely that widespread vote-by-mail will be essential come November.

The problem? The U.S. Postal Service might not last that long.

Though the independent agency celebrated Sunday 245 years since its creation in 1775, the future is not rosy for USPS. Without congressional intervention, it could run out of funds as soon as late September.

A Pew Research Center survey earlier this year labeled the Postal Service as America’s favorite government agency, with a healthy 91% approval rating. People like getting mail, and people like getting mail on time. It’s as American as anything.

“The Postal Service is like Social Security — it’s beloved by everybody,” Richard Trumka, president of the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, told The New York Times. “If the president or anyone else is seen as trying to debilitate or eliminate the Postal Service, they’ll pay a huge political price.”

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