Is Meth Being Made at the Post Office in Carr, Colorado?

The Greeley Tribune has the story of how the 40-year-old post office is shut down after an air-quality test there failed. Could it have failed the test because of meth? The United States Post Office had this test done because there are rumors that say, ‘possibly.’

The post office was shut down because there were, indeed, unnamed particulates in the air. The inspectors said there weren’t enough particulates to have to call anybody in for testing, but there were enough of these yet unnamed particulates to say, shut the doors.’

But, like any good drama, there’s more to the story.

There’s a residence attached to the Carr Post Office, that’s leased out; both the post office and the residence were sharing ventilation. New remodeling will make the ventilation systems separate from one another. It does seem like there is at least a possibility that illegal drug operations happening at that residence, with particulates drifting over to the post office through shared vents.



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