Is it DeEnd for Postmaster General Louis DeJoy? Sure looks like it

Louis DeJoy — the arrogant and incompetent bust out of a U.S. postmaster general who’s been under perpetual fire for slowing down delivery of the nation’s mail — told a congressional hearing last February he had no intention of leaving his post.

“Get used to me,” he told lawmakers, and, by extension, the nation.

But after vowing not to leave, it now looks as if DeJoy is about to get pushed out.

President Joe Biden is seeking to replace two DeJoy loyalists on the U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors. If confirmed, the switch would bring to five the total number of Biden-appointed governors on the nine-member board.


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We don’t need a “Big Boss” who is on a mission to dissolve the Postal Service!

Truth can’t be approved?

Hang in there Big Lou!! The last thing the USPS needs is to be another of Biden’s failures.

Rrriiiggghhhttt! Hang in there, by your toenails, Big Lou, and don’t let the doorknob hit ya, where the Good Lord split ya, on your way out!!!

Tell mail sorters to get DPS on the right carts because when clerks at post offices get these trays of wrong mail instead of sending it back as missent they are sending it to the CFS system ten days later the carriers finally get trays of DPS this has been happening for awhile I’m sure this hurts our delivery scores not just ruining our day

Is it DeEnd for Postmaster General Louis DeJoy? Sure looks like it.
The country and the Post Office could be so lucky.

Can’t wait to see the “backend” of DeJoy as he leaves! That idiot was a disaster from the beginning, and we know that because Trump appointed him! As most of Trump’s appointees, he knows NOTHING about the job and doesn’t want to learn anything! He’s gotta GO