International Shipping Reform, a Healthy Stimulant for U.S. and Free World Economies

E-commerce has been essential in helping the U.S. economy thrive and survive over the last decade.

Now, the world is on the verge of e-commerce 2.0: Strong growth in international package shipments over the next decade will benefit businesses and consumers in the U.S. and other Free World economies.

The groundwork is in place for this, with many projecting the area to at least triple over the next decade. This means new business opportunities for U.S. companies, expanded opportunities for consumers, and even a workaround on supply chain issues. Consumers and businesses throughout the Free World will benefit.

These benefits will be much more quickly realized if the Universal Postal Union (UPU), a U.N. organization regulating international dealings involving the world’s postal services, undertakes common sense, consumer-focused market reforms. Such change is also essential for the UPU’s own survival. Private-sector shipping and logistics companies have other options if the UPU does not act.


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