Internal documents say U.S. Postal Service made $1.6B profit on Amazon deliveries in FY2019

The U.S. Postal Service generated $1.6 billion in profit from Amazon in its 2019 fiscal year, on $3.9 billion in revenue from its business with the e-commerce giant.

That’s one of several revelations about the USPS in a Washington Post report Thursday, citing internal USPS emails and financial statements obtained by the American Oversight watchdog group through a public records request.

The numbers appear to debunk repeated claims by President Donald Trump that the U.S. Postal Service loses money on Amazon whenever it ships a package.

President Trump has repeatedly criticized Amazon and its CEO Jeff Bezos, who owns the Washington Post, over the issue. The president has called on the USPS to raise the price of delivering packages for Amazon.

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All bullshit. Anyone who works there knows the usps loses money on Amazon.

Using rcs’s for package delivery, second trips, going over eval, all RCA’s over 40/wk getting overtime.

I have had the PM send me 20 miles and 40 minutes of hourly got a single package, large, from Amazon that they probably paid less than a dollar to ship.

The Amazon agreement is so corrupt and only serves to enrich Bezos at the tax payers expense.

Anyone inside a deliver po knows of the incredible waste delivering the stuff is.

Because non career employees are used on Sundays the accountant tricksters hide the true cost and Amazon loss of everything they do on Thursday and Friday being on overtime status.

Smoke and mirrors as always