Interest Arbitration: APWU rebuts management’s economics and MVS proposals

Today at Interest Arbitration, the APWU rebutted some of management’s economic arguments, including their controversial claim that postal workers are overpaid for the skills they employ. We also responded to management’s regressive proposals for Motor Vehicle Service.

APWU’s witness in the morning was Dr. Robert Pollin, Department of Economics and Political Economy Research Institute (PERI) University of Massachusetts-Amherst. Dr. Pollin presented his paper on Wage Rates, Employment Conditions and Living Standards for APWU Membership.

Pollin’s evidence focused on the section of the Postal Reorganization Act (PRA) of 1970, which governs pay and benefits. He pointed out that the PRA created a duty for USPS to be a good employer, as well as maintaining wage increases that are comparable with the private sector.

Pollin pointed out serious flaws in the data that management relied on to calculate its comparison with private sector wages. He presented statistics which showed that, across the board, APWU members deserve a solid and substantial wage increase and are not overpaid and under-skilled, as management had argued.

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Through automation, the clerk job has been dumbed down so much, that any bum off the street can come in and do the job.

Back when Moe Biller organized the great postal strike in the early 70’s, there was skill involved since you had to memorize a scheme… that’s why the national guard couldn’t break the strike after Dick Nixon sent them in….now the union has no real leverage in the arbitration talks.

Does anyone in Postal Management have anything above a 12th grade education?? Talk about over paid for a skill set, manager’s paid in excess of $70,000 to answer the phone.