Insurance company drops woman after USPS delays payment

REISTERSTOWN, Md. — Mail delays have resulted in late fees and bills not being paid on time. In Kelli Johnson’s case, her insurance company dropped her and she didn’t know it until she really needed it.

“They pretty much have to gut it out and I will be displaced for the next 4-6 months,” said Johnson.

After a January fire destroyed her Reisterstown condo, Johnson immediately called her insurance company to file a claim, only to find out that her policy had been canceled, because of a communication issue collecting payments and delays the postal service experienced around election time.

“They just kept saying, ‘Well we were supposed to receive it by November 4 and we didn’t get it until November 17,” said Johnson.


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I’m sorry but at what point do you go online or call in a payment? I’m throwing the BS flag here!