In Court, USPS Blames Mail Delays on ‘Poor Judgment’ by Local Supervisors

Top management at the U.S. Postal Service in court documents filed Friday deflected blame for recent high-profile mail delays toward “poor judgment” of local supervisors and “workforce performance” issues.

Reforms implemented by Postmaster General Louis DeJoy were never intended to delay mail, the officials said in the filings, and would not have caused any mail to be left behind if not for the problems at the local level. USPS filed the declarations with its objection to an attempt to block the changes as part of a lawsuit brought by the NAACP.

DeJoy has acknowledged his reforms, which have stressed operating all parts of the delivery process on a set schedule while seeking to end late and extra trips, have caused significant mail delays. Postal data show on-time delivery declined between 8% and 10% across USPS offerings after the changes went into effect, though the agency has said performance has picked up in recent weeks. The NAACP is one of many groups to join dozens of states in suing the Postal Service for those and other operational changes they said have hampered the agency’s ability to deliver ballots on time for the upcoming election. The group is seeking a preliminary injunction on DeJoy’s reforms before the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

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Sounds correct for once Supervisions is stellar in the ranks nothing but the best and the brightest, real innovation from management…

You can’t control incoming mail,so”even flow”is a joke,when you have a supervisor”allowing” opening of route sorted flats to”make their time”passing them on to the actual carrier as”raw”mail then the carrier has to hand sort making them late for the route causing OT,OMG! Do we work at the same entity? I know this happens on a regular basis(first hand)

I agree! It’s definitely a local issue at our facility the OIC is incompetent as can be and makes up the rules to suit themselves.

Well let’s see you top management buttholes. Shouldn’t this be your responsibility to resolve such issues in the first place? Oh that’s right, your too busy counting the endless bonuses you bas*urds get off the backs from the people actually doing the work and delivering the mail. You people need to come to a plant where the volume is/has far exceeded X-Mas volumes for months, now. Come see the people working 12 hour shifts, 6/7 days a week, months on end. You top as*holes are always good at blaming someone other than, yourselves, for the failures of today but you… Read more »

every time there is count the mail is delayed nothing to see here

So far I think the proposed changes are good a lot of people are starting to show up and work instead of hiding in bathroom on cell phones just give things time stop management bonuses and let them earn their base pay no manager should be allowed to have personal relationships with employees find a way to stop theft better encryption is needed carrier bragging about how it was a piece of cake I think she messed with her start time to get more retirement whose going to check it no body there was no written record and she waited… Read more »