In Colorado mountain towns, the U.S. Post Office no longer delivers like it used to

One town received no mail for a week; another had sales-tax rebates returned as “undeliverable.” New survey reveals understaffed post offices taxed by population growth, online shopping.

That survey showed mounting problems at often understaffed post offices that are crammed into often too-small spaces in towns where home mail delivery is usually not an option. The offices are dealing with the double whammy of population growth along with the increasing pressure of more package volume from online purveyors of goods, including the behemoth Amazon.

The packages are piling up, and so are complaints. The survey cataloged long waits in lines, snarls in deliveries, lost packages, mail returned as “undeliverable,” packages going to post offices rather than home addresses, and confusion on both sides of the post office counters.

Crucial mail-order medications have been lost. Late fees have been assessed because utility bills were never delivered. Gifts have gone missing. Overnight mail has turned into five-day mail. One town hall went for a week without receiving a single piece of mail because everything had been returned to senders as “undeliverable.”

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