Idaho Falls postal employee honored by postmaster general

Troy Wiseman, an employee at the 605 4th St. post office, will be the first postal worker from Idaho Falls to be recognized by the postmaster general for outstanding service.

Wiseman will be presented with a letter of commendation signed by Megan Brennan, the current postmaster general, at a surprise ceremony taking place at 7:30 a.m. today at the post office.

“I don’t think he expects it, he says he was just doing his job,” Michael Fugh, post office customer services supervisor, said.

Wiseman’s dedication to his job paid off a few weeks ago when an elderly man came in looking to send two large value money orders, totaling $900, through Priority Mail Express. The man asked Wiseman to fill out the address for him, as he was having difficulty writing the label. Noticing that the man had not filled out the money orders, Wiseman offered to assist him with those as well. The man, however, declined and proceeded to send the money orders without filling them in.


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I’m glad that he helped the elderly man. But, I’m confused as to what the recognition is for…he did his job. Besides, why is the amount of his unsigned money orders being mentioned? Is that the recognition or a set up?