Icy gravel road blamed for NEMO mail carrier’s crash

A northeast Missouri mail carrier was flown to a hospital late Friday morning after crashing her pickup truck due to icy road conditions.

The crash happened around 11:40 a.m. on Salt River Lane east of Gibbs, Missouri.

First responders arrived on the scene, but the gravel road was too slick for some of them to get the fire truck down to where the truck slid off.

The mail carrier, Stacy Hunziker, 57, of Kirksville, was flown to University Hospital in Columbia for treatment of serious injuries.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol said Hunziker’s truck slid off the left side of the roadway, struck a tree and overturned.

As of mid-afternoon on Friday, Hunziker was listed in “fair” condition.

Troopers said she was not wearing a seat belt.

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Let’s blame it on the icy roads – how about the TRUTH – postal service DOES NOT believe in safety

Just had a carrier I know, die of a heart attack on the route. The roads were bad enough that the ambulance crew could not reach him. He had to be brought out by snow mobile. I often wonder if the job is worth it.

No job is worth your life…. I have been working here for over 20 years. I made a report to OHSHA concerning SAFETY of the vehicles and I was put on Emergency Placement and have been there since.

They preach safety but make u go any ways, of course all they half to do Is get to the nice warm office two miles down the road: but you are expected to leave at dark can’t even see the road and get in the same way. And if you have a accident it’s your fault and your insurance that pays, if you survive,