How The Postal Service Found And Told Its Hero Story

Not every brand looking to tell their story is well served by putting their brand at the center of said story. Sometimes, however, a brand is uniquely positioned to amplify that their brand is, in fact, a triumphant, community connected hero, able to demonstrate its worth through purposeful action, all without suffering the cost of being too brand focused or overly self-congratulatory. Such is the case with the United States Postal Service and the production of their first feature film, “Dear Santa”.

Several years ago, members of the brand marketing department at the United States Postal Service set out on a mission to create content that connected with an audience comprised of a nation’s worth of customers. Being that everyone in the country sends and receives mail, they knew they needed to tap into something universal, but also something that endeared customers to the brand. In 2020, the major motion picture ‘Dear Santa’ arrived and has since been viewed and enjoyed by children and their parents alike, all over the country.

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