How Are Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s Changes Affecting Workers?

NPR’s Noel King talk to Kimberly Karol, president of the Iowa Postal Workers Union, about changes Postmaster General DeJoy is implementing. Karol, a postal clerk, says mail is piling up in her office.


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I love that our trucks arrive on time and we’re not wasting time “waiting “

Not to many specifics

All leftist propaganda. At my post office no mails is piling up at all. When the new PMG took over They said no more throwing Amazon after 8:00 a.m. and that has resulted in the mail getting out quicker and more efficiently. Prior to that we were slaves to Amazon. If Amazon showed up at 7:59 the carriers all stood around and waited, holding up first class mail, while they threw the Amazon pallets. And if we were running late on the route we were told to stop delivering mail and make sure the Amazon got delivered. These Obama era… Read more »

You are Spot on !!!! This guy has inherited a train wreck , things had hit rock bottom. Glad someone is finally getting something done..

The mail is piling up in t NDCs and major sort sites. Most of the carriers and customer service are not seeing it. Answer consecutive calls all day tracking priority, 1st class parcels and meds “looping “ at the plants and NDCs for days because of transportation cutbacks. No, this isn’t going to end well.

All leftist propaganda??

You are evidently really out of touch with things. I do alot of business online and all packages, first class and priority, are extremely late. Sent from one facility to another over and over, back and forth, or not getting tracking scanned at all.

The last two predessesors did nothing to move the USPS forward WELCOME Mr. DeJoy a whole lot of us look forward to working with you to make things better for all of us that work here. Thank you for accepting the challenge. If your office is run poorly there should be changes made or we’ll all be in a different line of business. Wake Up we have been close to doom for long time. Again THANK YOU to Mr. DeJoy!

We are waiting on Amazon daily in our office. DeJoy is the worst thing to happen in my 32 years.