How Amazon Could Speed Up By Dumping USPS

There have been many unhappy customers of Amazon because of delayed delivery by USPS. Amazon’s pride is speed of delivery, and customers are frequently disappointed when USPS delivers 2-3 days after the promised date.

Sure, Amazon’s delivery fleet is growing. There are 70 airplanes, 40,000 semi-trailers, 30,000 vans and other delivery vehicles that service the U.S. UPS gets a portion of the merchandise to be delivered while FedEx gets none. Amazon and FedEx cut ties in August 2019.

Jason Boyce owns the Amazon Agency Avenue 7 Media, a seller management group, has many clients including Tormago and Wall in Tets which makes and sells dog wheelchairs. He told me of delivery problems. USPS is used for many small-town deliveries, but has failed to meet delivery dates.


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