How a military vehicle contractor plans to make a USPS truck that lasts ‘almost forever’

On its face, the work of U.S. mail carriers working across the country and members of the military serving overseas may not have much visible overlap, but according to the contractor selected to build the next generation of postal vehicles, their similarities make all the difference when designing the next generation of mail truck.

According to Oshkosh Defense President John Bryant, the needs of mail carriers for those new vehicles are centered on a truck that can keep going no matter what.

“Fairly early on in the competition, I was talking with one of our USPS customers, and he said something that stuck with me. He said, ‘we really need a purpose-built vehicle for our unique requirements, so we need it to last almost forever.’ And I thought, that is exactly what happens with our military customers,” Bryant told Federal Times.


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I have coworkers who abuse postal property and destroy and damage vehicles there has to be more accountability by employees who are doing this I try to talk to our postmaster and it’s treated as a big joke cameras with audio would be a start and the person reviewing footage should not be done by postmaster needs to be done by inspector who is not buddy buddy