House to Probe Limits Put on Postal Cops Protecting the Mail

The House of Representatives Oversight Committee is investigating concerns raised by the union which represents the U.S. Postal Police Officers that their ability to protect the U.S. mail in transit, heading into this fall’s election, is being stymied by U.S. Postal Service management.

U.S. Rep. Carolyn Maloney, chair of the committee, said in a statement. “The Oversight Committee is carefully reviewing reports of recent limitations placed on the longstanding duties of Postal Police Officers, including their impacts on the secure transit of mail. As we prepare for a historic increase in mail-in ballots in November’s election, we must use every tool available to ensure a smooth and secure process.”

On Aug. 16, Jim Bjork, president of the Postal Police Officers Association, wrote the Oversight Committee that management was restricting his members to just the premises of Post Office facilities and “ignoring nearly 50 years of Postal Police Officers protecting ‘mail-in-transit’.” He said the USPS “suddenly made it policy to prevent Postal Police Officers from performing these exact same mail-in-transit protective and preventative functions. I believe it is no coincidence that this is happening on the eve of an election under the Trump Administration.”

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