House Set to Approve $25 Billion in Postal Service Funding

WASHINGTON (CN) — House Democrats hope to sign, seal and deliver legislation this weekend that will buoy the U.S. Postal Service with $25 billion in emergency funding and prohibit any changes to mail operations until the Covid-19 pandemic has subsided.

The vote is slated for Saturday and brings House lawmakers back into session from a recess that was expected to last into early September.

But regular commentary from President Donald Trump that he will not fund the Post Office, despite requests from its own board of governors to do so, along with his near daily and baseless assertions that mail-in voting cannot be trusted this November have pushed Democrats to move with more deliberate speed as the election looms just 75 days away.

“You are in complete denial of the world around you,” Representative Stephen Lynch, a Massachusetts Democrat, told Republicans on the House Rules Committee during a tense legislative session Friday where H.R. 8015, or the Delivering for America Act, was hotly debated.


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That money would go to fraud entity not anything else beware…