House Democrats pass $25bn bill to fund US Postal Service

The Democratic bill, which passed on Saturday despite opposition from Republicans, would provide $25bn in aid for the USPS and prioritize election mail as “first class”, to ensure ballots arrive in time to be counted in an election in which the coronavirus pandemic will cast a shadow over in-person voting.

Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House, said the bill was necessary to “reject the Trump administration’s efforts to undermine the critical mission of the postal service”.

On the floor of the House, James Comer of Kentucky, the ranking Republican on the oversight committee, said the Democrats’ bill was the “result of a legislative process only slightly less absurd than the conspiracies, insinuations, and fabrications that gave rise to the purported need for it”.

The bill is unlikely to progress further, with the Republican-held Senate unwilling to pass it. The White House has also signaled it would veto the bill, with Republicans claiming the postal service has plenty of cash on hand and is being used by Democrats for political purposes.

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Republicans wont support this and also wanted to add an amendment about postal workers messing with ballots and delivery of ballots. WHAT AN INSULT ! There are rules and laws already on the books. To suggest postal workers will disrupt the election process is way out of bounds…….look at the White House. He already said he would veto the bill if mitch actually got off his butt and brought it up in the senate

You bums in the senate pass this bill. Let Trump veto it to further his demise.

Unless someone has x-ray vision, how would anyone know who is voting for whom. Anyone could vote for anything, including the incompetent Trump. So, why mess with the sorting machines?

I’m sure some people out there will be voting for him. So, why stop the mail votes?