House appropriator raises possibility of privatizing financially troubled U.S. Postal Service

A member of the House Appropriations Committee says it may be time for Congress to consider privatizing part or all of the financially troubled U.S. Postal Service, or at least borrow key practices from private companies that do mail delivery more efficiently.

The suggestion from Rep. Ben Cline (R-Va.) comes after some European countries, like the U.K. and Germany, have yielded state control of their mail services to private industry. For instance, the Royal Mail service in England ended four centuries of government control and went fully private in 2015, and since then has produced better finances and higher revenue.

Cline said it is time to force postal officials to make hard choices, especially when private package and mail delivery companies like FedEx and UPS consistently outperform the national mail service.

“Nobody wants to cut back on mail service,” Cline said. “Everybody values, especially out in rural America, getting postal service six days a week. But the competitors are offering seven days a week. And so what you have is competitors across the board that are doing it better oftentimes and for less in their own operational costs.

“So we’ve got to start either looking to them to provide some of this service or adopting some of their practices that would help improve efficiency.”

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The guy is lying.

A terrible pseudo-news source to use as a reference. If the R-rep quote is correct he either doesn’t know much about the post office or is making false statements when claiming the PO is run on budget money from the US government. “rewarding with bigger budgets”. An audit shows that “The high labour cost for parcel services prevented Royal Mail from making profits after privatisation” Just the News Detailed ReportQuestionable Reasoning: Conspiracy Theories, Propaganda, Numerous Failed Fact Checks Bias Rating: FAR RIGHT Factual Reporting: MIXED Country: USA Press Freedom Rank: MOSTLY FREE Media Type: Website Traffic/Popularity: High Traffic MBFC Credibility… Read more »

Cline doesn’t have all the facts. Yea, privatized Royal Mail is “rockin it”.

Perfect article to bookmark for those wanting to tear apart the Post office. royal mail can get a bailout and the British government can use the income from its sale of it to bail it out financially now. Royal Mail could throw out any contracts with “reorganization” and cut employee pay and benefits too. they will increase profits for shareholders and cut the pay even lower than the 12 hr gbp for mail carriers.