Horror stories at the Carmel Post Office

CARMEL – Carmel’s new postmaster Zareh Guekjian got an earful Thursday when dozens of irate consumers complained bitterly about shoddy mail service in the greater Carmel area.

A forum tabbed as a “Meet Your Postmaster Roundtable” turned into a gripe session when resident after resident criticized the postal facility that serves the county seat.

Janice Capra lamented about mail delivery between 7 and 7:30 p.m. most evenings. “On occasional Saturdays, we get no mail at all and then it is delivered at 8 a.m. Sunday morning,” she said.

Carol Bernard was furious that her husband’s medications arrived late again last month. “This is ludicrous. The mail here resembles that of a third world country.”

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correct me if i am wrong but if there is an animal that the postal worker feels is a threat then the worker will report said animal and the owner will be notified. am i wrong? i just received a letter from my landlord that one of my neighbors is saying my Emotional Support Animal is threatening. This person claims that when they go to the mailbox the dog lunges at them. If this were so I believe the mail worker would have filed a formal complaint by now. What is the policy regarding threatening dogs?