Holiday Crunch Starts Early With More Packages Than Means to Deliver Them

FedEx, UPS and smaller carriers turn away customers as they brace for surge of online orders

One holiday item is already sold out: shipping capacity.
Both Fedex and UPS have told some of their largest shippers that most of their capacity is already spoken for, and that any extra trailers with holiday orders will have to wait to be picked up, according to shipping consultants and retailers.
“There will be days within the holiday season where the industry will be over capacity,” FedEx Chief Marketing Officer Brie Carere said in an interview.
The final safety valve is the U.S. Postal Service, whose finances and network have been stretched during the coronavirus pandemic and could come under more pressure if shippers dump their overflow orders into the agency’s network.

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Amazon, UPS, Fedex & DHL drop their items for USPS rural carriers to carry “The Last Mile” out in the boondocks.

Less help and Forced Overtime is the new standard

We need carriers who do nothing but deliver packages at our office only certain carriers get help tough luck to others it’s hard leaving with 189 packages and then seeing young rcas with forty packages and then they also get bumps I get back at five the other routes done one two o’clock what gives upper management should put their cell phones down and study the delivery reports every day at all offices don’t talk to postmasters they tell u what u want to here when will somebody give a crap

And when will you use a punctuation mark?