Here’s how USPS plans to restore on-time mail delivery

The Postal Service has outlined the steps it’s taking to improve on-time mail delivery, and bring its level of service back up to standards that were in place before Postmaster General Louis DeJoy implemented some operational changes at the agency.

USPS and its legal team submitted these documents to a federal court in New York after a judge last month ordered the agency to provide a list of steps necessary to improve on-time delivery scores for first-class mail and marketing mail.

USPS data provided to the court shows national on-time delivery of first-class mail dropped in mid-July, around the same time that operational changes went into effect at the agency.

Those changes led to a significant decline in late and extra truck trips between mail-processing facilities and post offices, but also led to some delays in mail delivery, prompting multiple congressional hearings, lawsuits and a review by the USPS inspector general.

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Management needs to do better… a lot better and stop the short staffing of offices

Losing at least 1, possibly 2 subs in our office; no idea if they’re interviewing more or not.
And Christmas is closer than management realizes.

Last edited 2 years ago by Skip

This is something that was happening for a LONG time. I retired 3 years ago, and mail was not being delivered on time back then. 2 day Priority mail was taking 5 or more days to arrive.

40 routes, 18 healthy carriers working 12 hours 6 days a week and still 14 routes did not get letters on the day ballots went out. But we have caught up on baby chicks and medications for our veterans