Hearing date set for Colchester,CT man accused in mail carrier stabbing

A Colchester man accused of fatally stabbing Norwich mail carrier and artist Jo-Jo Kolodnicki Jr. will have a probable cause hearing, sometimes referred to as a mini trial, on April 30 in New London Superior Court.

Elmar Baker, 38, has been incarcerated since state police charged him with murder on Oct. 30, 2018.

At the hearing, Supervisory Assistant State’s Attorney Lawrence J. Tytla will call witnesses and submit evidence into the record in an effort to convince Judge Hillary B. Strackbein that there is probable cause that the crime has been committed and that the accused person has committed it.

State police allege Baker stabbed Kolodnicki, 42, at Baker’s apartment building at 55 Renee Drive in Colchester after Kolodnicki, jealous that his wife had driven Baker home, confronted him in the driveway of the apartment complex.

The victim’s wife said she had been working with Baker, and that when she dropped him off, her husband pulled up behind her car and started yelling at her. She said Kolodnicki and Baker began fighting, and she went into the apartment building to get Baker’s fiancée. She said that when she came out, her husband was on the ground, unresponsive.

Baker is represented by attorney Carmine J. Giuliano.


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