Haverhill Postmaster Deals with a COVID-19 ‘Gloom of Night’ by Making Mail Deliveries Himself

The Haverhill Post Office recently tackled a metaphorical “gloom of night” as it had to scramble over the last few weeks to cover deliveries—with the postmaster, himself, making the rounds.

Acting Haverhill Postmaster Keith Miller and supervisors from Haverhill and surrounding towns helped cover routes. Already tight staffing was compounded by “employees who are either sick, quarantining because they’ve been in close contact with someone who tested positive or have issues related to child or elder care due to the virus,” confirmed Steve Doherty, strategic communications specialist for the Postal Service.

“The incredible dedication of our craft employees gives us the flexibility to move people between offices, as necessary, to fill temporary staffing gaps. Their willingness to adapt during this pandemic has been inspirational. But our management team also stand ready to do whatever is necessary to serve our customers,” Doherty told WHAV.


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The Pm and supervisor at our office would never get off their ass to help deliver anything. They just let it pile up until carriers come back.

My office just piles on the work to the suckers that are non career or on the ODL list. The 8 hr carriers come back at 2 and sit in the break room until 4 before clocking out. How unethical is the union contract where 8 hr regulars do bare minimum and get to leave early?