Hattiesburg family says U.S. Postal Service carrier sprayed their dog through a fence

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) – A social media post is gaining attention after a Hattiesburg resident said her dog was sprayed with some type of substance by a United States Postal Service carrier delivering mail.

Through home surveillance video, the Delgado family said they captured what appeared to be a mail carrier spraying their dog, Lucky, through a fence on Memphis Street in downtown Hattiesburg.

“Saturday I heard the dogs barking and I just happened to look at the security footage on my phone, and I saw that our mailman was reaching over our fence to mace our dog in the face, repeatedly,” Caitlin Delgado said.

“He walked away a little bit and sprayed him again through the fence when our dog wasn’t being aggressive at all,” Delgado said. “He never tried to jump up on the fence. He never even growled at him. He was barking. But, even if he would have tried to he couldn’t get him over the fence where the mailbox is.”

Lucky is 4-year-old Stafford Shire Terrier mix. Jonathan and Caitlin Delgado rescued him from Southern Pines Animal Shelter in Hattiesburg back in November.

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When I first started all the carriers put on the aux route would spray a dog thru the screen door. The dog would run and hit the screen and all were afraid he would one day come thru it. Tried to get the customer to close the door when we looped the street but she would not so we took to spraying her dog thru the screen everyday. She finally closed the door……

It sounds like the carrier did the wrong thing. As an animal owner, former postal employee and advocate, I think it’s wrong for the carrier to have Maced the dog through the fence without provocation. If the dog was merely barking, protecting his territory, the carrier had no right or reason to Mace him and should be taken to task for his action.