Halloween decorations in Brentwood lead to mail delivery issue

Halloween decorations at a home in Brentwood are stirring up some negative attention from the post office.

Richard Beatty decorated his home for Halloween and one of the items includes a skeleton hanging from a gallows.

Beatty says his African American male carrier told him two days ago that he finds it offensive because it includes a noose. He says the postmaster then came by and told him that his mail service would be suspended until he takes it down.

Beatty says he’s not taking down his decoration. He says he had to pick up his mail in person Wednesday.

“I don’t see how the U.S. post office can tell me what I can and cannot do on my own property for a holiday,” says Beatty. “I think that’s ridiculous.”
News 12 spoke to other postal workers, and they say they are allowed to refuse to deliver mail if it’s a safety issue.

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Somebody is a wee bit sensitive and needs to grow up.

This particular decision by the post office is crap. There were more than enough hangings that were not race related and were religiously related prior to the creation of slavery in the US. The only thing that halloween means anymore is giving your kids free stuff. Gimme a break, it’s not the fight to choose, theres a lot worse going on in the world.

People grow up!!!!

Could you imagine an Amazon driver telling Bezos this???…Bezos would fire him quicker than crap through a goose… Amazon has to make money to survive. The postal service doesn’t… that’s why crap like this is tolerated within the postal service.

I have been a mailman for over 26 years . Tell that mail carrier to get over it and do his job

Wow…no one can see how this would be an issue? Simple to remove the noose and everyone move along. Why dig in your heels as if it’s your right to upset someone who does you a service every single day, rain or shine? Obviously you can’t do “whatever you want” on your property. You can’t set a fire, you can’t toss your trash out the window, you can’t collect 5 rusty cars, you can’t plant pot, you can’t listen to music too loud, you can’t have 14 dogs, you can’t have rats or let your grass grow too long. Are… Read more »