“Gone Postal” film documents the dark corners of the USPS and the fight to Save the People’s Post Office

ROSENDALE, NY — In Gone Postal, Jay Galione, son of a postal worker, investigates the dark corners of the US Postal Service.  Across the country, brave employees stand up to injustice on the job and fight to Save the People’s Post Office. “I was inspired to begin work on the film,” says Jay, “after hearing my father’s stories of abusive and retaliatory treatment, and recalling the violent images on TV during the Going Postal phenomenon. I had no idea it would be such a huge undertaking.”

The cross-country film production spanned a decade, beginning in Maplewood, New Jersey and took filmmakers to San Diego, California; Gastonia, North Carolina; Washington D.C.; Orlando, Florida; Phoenix, Arizona and covers the movement to save the post office centered right here in the Hudson Valley. A moving indictment of the toxic culture and push to downsize, the eye-opening documentary allows viewers to hear from experts and advocates including Ralph Nader and Richard Wolff, and directly from the selfless and courageous people hidden behind the scenes, long suffering and ignored.

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Charles Purdy, from Monster, said: ‘The survey results point to bullying in the workplace being alarmingly widespread.
And I am suffering from this kind of bullying, and I can fully understand why so many people have left the company! There is no word “fair” at the post office

You’re right; I feel the same way. Bullying adults is definitely going on, and retaliation is also an issue. I think about retirement often. Favoritism is another problem in the post office.

Wow…. don’t know what to think of this…. I think the producers of this movie are in for a rude awakening if they think this documentary is going to change the culture of the postal service….the public at large doesn’t give a damn about the working conditions Inside the postal service… they see us as lazy overpaid public servants….all John Q Public cares about is getting his Amazon package on time.

I resigned after 13 years because of the way labor employees were/are harassed bullied and mistreated.

Employees, me included, do have to take alot of abuse & harassment, even with a union! I thought a hostile workplace was illegal.???