‘Get Used To Me’: Louis DeJoy Says He Has No Plans To Leave Postal Service

Controversial Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is likely to remain the head of the U.S. Postal Service after the agency’s board of governors signaled its confidence in his leadership at a testy House hearing Wednesday — potentially teeing up a clash between the agency’s new and old board members as President Joe Biden names new appointments to the board amid Democratic pressure.

DeJoy told lawmakers he plans to be at the Postal Service “a long time” and would not resign before major reforms can be imposed at USPS, telling lawmakers: “Get used to me.”

Bloom, a Democrat who former President Donald Trump appointed to the board, was asked by Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.) if the board of governors was still “tickled pink” with DeJoy as postmaster general, and responded the board “supports” DeJoy and “believes the postmaster general, in very difficult circumstances, is doing a good job.”


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Yes, he’s doing a great job delaying the mail. I received a card mailed on Feb 12th, from 30 miles away, and received it on Feb 20th. Go Louie, go.

Yea? Well I received a card on Feb 11th, that was mailed on December 19th.

Geeez, I guess I got the express mail.