Get Gephardt investigates secretive facility where USPS sends, sells your lost mail

Think of the MRC as the lost and found of the U.S. Postal Service (USPS).

It has a staff whose job it is to open packages and try to track down the owners. Anytime they don’t find the rightful owner, within a few months, the USPS gets to auction it off and pocket the profits.

Pressing the USPS for specifics on how much they auction and profit from the auctions, Get Gephardt was stonewalled.

A spokesperson stated that USPS doesn’t want to give away “trade secrets,” saying:

The information requested is being withheld in its entirety.

The USPS works with a private company called GovDeals to manage the auctions, which are conducted online. Online photos show large boxes stuffed with just about everything you can imagine.

The photos allow bidders to see what is on the surface of the boxes but not what is beneath.


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