Germantown, PA man arrested for allegedly stealing mailed checks

A 22-year-old Germantown resident allegedly connected to a check stealing ring was arrested by Cheltenham Police in the early hours of the morning on Sept. 29 after he was observed standing by drive-up mailboxes at the Elkins Park Post Office. The man, identified by police as Keyon Clark, of Germantown, dropped several pieces of mail as he fled from police into a wooded area and was later apprehended with the help of a K9 unit, according to police.

“We’re still just putting it all together with the stuff we recovered from his apartment,” said Cheltenham Police Lieutenant Andy Snyder. “There’s potentially hundreds of victims.”

Snyder said police found several shoeboxes full of checks, documents, credit cards and debit cards in his apartment. They also found a loaded, stolen handgun; a .22 caliber rifle and additional pieces of stolen U.S. mail, deposit slips and other evidence in a car linked to Clark.

Snyder said the victims came from all over the region, but were mostly from Philadelphia and the Cheltenham area. He couldn’t say whether any victims were from Chestnut Hill, Mt. Airy or Germantown.

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Maybe someone from the news needs to contact Frank Albergo, president of the Postal Police Officers Association and ask him how this arrest by Cheltenham Police occurred with out the Postal Police’s assistance or leadership. Frank said, “I think criminals are starting to realize what an easy crime this is,”. “There aren’t many arrests made. Postal police officers are no longer patrolling these hot spots where this is taking place.” I guess Frank has forgotten most of the USA has police that patrol and respond to reports of mail theft. Also, Frank only has 350 postal police to patrol the… Read more »