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When training a new sub. Does the regular get any extra money for training. One of the carriers always gets paid for training the new subs.

How is the wrecker gonna pick up that melted blob?

With a shovel ?‍♂️?

This is getting ridiculous. It’s gonna take somebody getting killed to do something it looks like.

Seems to be alot of these incidents. What say you, USPS?

Cheap gas filters. USPS won’t buy Detroit parts, these are made in China. They’re so fragile they train VMF to use a special tool to install them. Hit the P.O. with as many 1767’s as possible, the negotiations are in the works and we have crap to drive.

It’s the carrier’s fault. – USPS 🙁

of course it is …. ALWAYS IS!

Brandy Sawyer Sullivan Casey Beech Davis

Wow!! Another one!! We were supposes to get minivans about 14 years ago. Still waiting on those!

Probably more of this stuff happening than we see on here. If you smell smoke……..and if you see smoke….well you know what to do.

We got a whole fleet of minivans about a year ago but they were left hand drive….hard to deliver mail like that!

Samantha De La Cruz

What’s amazing to me, is that the USPS doesn’t seem to want to talk to the guys that work on these day after day. At my shop, we see what looks like serious fire hazards, but are ignored. The USPS prefers to keep paying some outside company to “investigate” fires after the fact, rather than looking at causes before there’s a fire.

To quote an old movie…”You folks are gonna die in there!!!!” Seriously, all postal carriers should refuse to step foot into one of those death traps!

Management needs to step up and have automatic halon extinguishers installed before this kills someone. It would likely cost less than $500 per vehicle. Requires zero effort to maintain, and is completely automatic. The military uses them on boats and they work.

The jeep wrangler catches fire too!!! Can we just find someone to produce a good postal vehicle!!!???

Carrier was blamed because he was delivering too quickly. Safety talk Monday.

That’s bs!

you’re right it’s sarcasm !


Remember. SAFETY FIRST….?????

One caught on fire yesterday in Easton, MD.

Dana Saunders Gore, do you have any photos or a link to any information about the fire? I would like to add it to my list.. Thank you… You can email me if you would rather at

Another LLV caught on fire a little over a year ago in Easton. December 1, 2015

Dana Saunders Gore THANK YOU

How many is that now so far this year?

7 that I have so far.. 5 of them this month

I know it seems to happen all the time these days.

1 in Louisville, KY last weekend. Delivering Amazon packages on a Sunday!

front axle saved..can be reusd

These heavy over load packages is the cause of the fires..gotta drive harder and faster to get done .. end result fires

They will just duct tape it and put it back on the road!

He better have clocked out for that fire!!??!!!! No copy write infringement intended

Thank God the carrier survived!!! This is happening too much!!!

Damn….I’ve never seen one burned away that much!

That’s what I was thinking. All they need is a dustpan to scoop it up ?

This was Douglasville, Ga (carrier was ok) Cynthia Jacks-Hudgins

another one bites the dust

Death traps

Llv fires are too frequent. What about the safety of the letter ?carrier?

Well, when I smell smoke or see it, I’m out of there!

The daily llv fire …smh.