George Takei to help dedicate new U.S. Postal Service Forever stamps to Japanese sculptor Ruth Asawa

If you’re a Star Trek fan and a stamp fan, then you’ll want to know about an event coming up tomorrow. Sadly, there are no new Star Trek stamps on offer, but one Star Trek celeb is helping dedicate a new stamp series.

George Takei, Star Trek’s helmsman Sulu, will be helping with the dedication of a new set of stamps honoring Japanese sculptor Ruth Asawa. The United States Postal Service is hosting the event live tomorrow afternoon, Thursday, August 13th, at 1:30pm ET. If you’d like to join in and watch, you can do so on the USPS’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Ruth Asawa is known for her intricate abstract wire sculptures. From the USPS announcement: “Inspired by natural elements such as plants, snail shells, spiderwebs, insect wings and water droplets, Ruth Asawa transformed industrial material into transparent and seemingly weightless works of art that challenged traditional definitions of sculpture.” The USPS also notes that Asawa was a “tireless advocate of community-based arts education.” The stamps in her honor feature 10 of her designs.

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