Generous Americans ‘clogging’ military mail network with donations for Afghan evacuees

Americans have been so generous with donations — from diapers to toilet paper — for the Afghan evacuees being temporarily housed at Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar that the volume of it has created problems getting mail to that APO and other addresses.

If officials aren’t able to “stem the flow” of these mailings, the Military Postal Service “may be forced to instruct [U.S. Postal Service] to suspend the offending ZIP Codes because it is clogging the network and impacting other ZIP Codes,” stated an email from the Military Postal Service obtained by and posted on the unofficial Air Force amn/nco/snco public Facebook page.

Efforts have already begun to stem that flow, as an Air Force master sergeant posted late Aug. 30 that Al Udeid has received all the necessary donations, and they don’t require anything further. Officials have requested that the donations be held, or sent to other locations such as Ramstein Air Base, or some of the relocation areas at individual bases, she said. “Please share as appropriate to try to shut down the donations headed to Qatar.”

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