Frustrated Norfolk residents say they’re missing a week’s worth of USPS mail

Ridge lives in the South Bayview neighborhood, where multiple residents tell News 3 that they’ve gone up to a week without a U.S. Postal Service delivery.

On Monday, Cheryl Jennison said she hadn’t received mail since last Wednesday.

“I feel bad for people that really depend on the mail and have multiple prescriptions that they get through the mail,” said Jennison.

By Monday afternoon, a USPS mail carrier was seen making their rounds in the South Bayview neighborhood.

Jennison received mail she had been waiting on.

In contrast, Ridge says she is still missing six days of mail from last week, including two checks, according to USPS’ Informed Delivery service.

“People are getting notifications through informed delivery that they have mail— it’s going to be delivered, but the mail is not showing up,” says Ridge.

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