Frederick County woman behind Alzheimer’s Stamp leads new push to get it extended

The Alzheimer’s stamp has officially ended circulation after two years as a semi-postal stamp.

In those two years, at least 7.7 million stamps were sold, raising $1 million for Alzheimer’s disease research.

But for the woman behind the stamp, $1 million is not enough. Kathy Siggins, who lives near Mount Airy, wants all the stamps printed to be sold. And she is turning to local congressmen to help her in her new quest.

“I think it’s great that we’ve been able to raise over $1 million, and we’d like to raise more,” she said.

Siggins spent about 18 years fighting to get an Alzheimer’s stamp. She lost her husband Gene in 1999 to Alzheimer’s disease, and she became very involved in Alzheimer’s awareness groups.

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