Framingham MA post office gets warning after Health Dept. finds COVID-19 safety violations

Last Friday, the Health Department received a complaint alleging that Postmaster Shawn Pitts told employees they didn’t have to wear masks in the building if they were six feet or more away from others.

Health Inspector Adam DiPersio visited the post office that day to investigate.

When DiPersio told Pitts about the complaint, Pitts explained that in a staff meeting earlier that day, he told employees that he would permit them to go maskless if no one else was around, “but if someone were to approach them, or they were to approach others, they have to properly wear their face masks.”

According to state guidelines, face masks must be worn properly by employees and customers at all times, even in federal buildings, such as a post office.

DiPersio also found the post office did not have a coronavirus safety precaution attestation poster taped in the entryway, as required by the state, resulting in a second violation.


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