Former Postmaster Denies She Was Drinking At Home; Judge Withholds Judgment In Case Of Hit-And-Run Death Of City Officer

The former Soddy Daisy postmaster charged in the hit-and-run death of City Officer Nicholas Galinger denied at a hearing Monday that she had been drinking alcohol while on home confinement.

Janet Hinds, who is charged with vehicular homicide and other charges in connection with the tragic incident on Hamill Road in Hixson, had tested positive for alcohol on a drug screen, her county probation officer said. She also failed to call into probation one night as required.

Prosecutor Cameron Williams said it was a serious violation in a very serious case, and he asked that her $153,000 bond be increased.


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There’s a ton of drunks working at the postal service and nothing is ever done about them unless they come to work falling down drunk…. when I first started my supervisor smelled like a brewery on a daily basis and nothing was ever done to him.