Former mail carriers say understaffing, management to blame for delays

Two former Charlottesville Post Office mail carriers say chronic understaffing and poor management are on-going issues that may contribute to chronic mail delays for the area, and an expert who follows postal problems said that postal service data may not be accurately capturing the extent of the mail problem in Charlottesville.

Postal service nationwide has been slow this last year, but the Charlottesville area’s delivery problems have grown worse over time, with many residents reporting that they’ve gone weeks without receiving any mail at all.


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They have too many idiots in management that don’t know how to treat employees.
It seems that they take the people that don’t know how to manage and promote them to supervisors and managers.
Until that changes it will continue to be a bad place to work.

Poor Management ruined this public service for greedy bonuses and it’s hard working craft employees have suffered dearly and silently with no voice of the people working for such vile leadership. Sad state of affairs