Ford Transit In Running To Become Post Office’s Next Delivery Vehicle

Things haven’t been going so well for those familiar-looking Grumman Long Life Vehicles the United States Post Office uses to deliver the mail day in and day out. Not only have those vehicles become increasingly expensive to repair, but several examples have caught fire recently. Making matters worse, the current fleet was only supposed to make it through 2017. And yet, USPS has just narrowed down its replacement to three options, one of which is the Ford Transit.

The Oshkosh Corporation and Ford Motor Company are one of the three teams vying to become the new USPS delivery vehicle supplier of choice with a specially modified version of the ICE-powered Ford Transit cargo van. The other two teams consist of electric truck maker Workhorse Group and truck body maker VT Hackney with an all-electric offering, and commercial electric vehicle maker Karsan, which has teamed up with USPS supplier Morgan Olsen to design a plug-in hybrid.

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