Florida Rep. Bill Posey demands Post Office Inspector General investigation into election fraud accusations

Rep. Bill Posey called for a Post Office Inspector General investigation into accusations of voter fraud

In a letter to Inspector General Tammy Whitcomb, the Rockledge Republican cited accusations of internal mishandling of ballots by postal employees in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Nevada. Those are three of the states President-elect Joe Biden won in the November election. But Posey, since that time, has advanced theories pushed by President Donald Trump that the incumbent would have won the election but for fraud.

“During this year’s General Election, numerous allegations of fraud have been made, and unfortunately some pertain to operations within the U.S. Postal Service, which include allegations of discarding mail-in ballots, backdating mail ballots and withholding the processing of one side’s campaign mail,” Posey writes.

Posey’s letter points to a recording by a self-proclaimed whistleblower who recorded postal workers saying they had removed some ballots from the mail and backdated some. That appears to reference a claim by Richard Hopkins that prompted a federal investigation until the former postal worker recanted his story to investigators nearly a month ago.

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