First Black woman to be sworn in as postmaster for Allentown

Byrenda Hatcher-Wilson will become the first Black woman to be postmaster in Allentown when she takes the job in a ceremony June 10.

The ceremony, which will take place at 9 a.m. at the Allentown Post Office, 1000 Postal Road, will make Hatcher-Wilson the city’s 37th postmaster, according to a news release.

She will manage 258 employees.

“It’s still a very, very surreal feeling,” Hatcher-Wilson said. “I still can’t believe it.”


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Congratulation on the promotion but in 2022 and with how many Black PM’s in the USPS why is this news. No one is holding anyone back in the USPS due to their skin color. Again, I love hearing people achieve their dreams but it’s not about her race which makes her a good Postal Manager and no one was standing in the doorway blocking her entrance like the Democrats did to Blacks in the 50’s and early 60’s.

It’s not about race but it definitely shows that we have a long way to go… no black postmaster in 220 years at this office? That is news. Allentown is the third largest city in Pennsylvania. How do you know whose not being held back in the Post Office due to skin color? Just because you see black postmasters does not mean they or any other person of color have not faced discrimination in the postal service. Some are in certain positions due to EEO settlements. Congratulate this person for earning the job on merit and qualifications alone and stop… Read more »

So Please tell me how many Black PM’s there are in the USPS I sure bet there are more than the 13% or 14% of the Black population in the US. What will diversity look like in your world; will it look like the NBA where where 95% of players are not white? The best people should be promoted so the USPS can continue to operate for another 100 years regardless of color of skin, I was taught equality but now everyone wants equity which is a backdoor way for communism. Mary Lou, your a bleeding heart liberal who will… Read more »

I will always be a victim of what? What are you even talking about? Do you even know me or what my race is LOL the only victim I’m of is of commenting here expecting rational thinking and responses. Good day to you.

Regulars have been Forced overtime for almost 3 years now. CCA keep quitting and seniors are retiring early because the Union isn’t stepping in to fix the problem..
Moral has been dragged through the mud, Byrenda was a mediocre carrier and a very condescending supervisor. She has no respect for her carriers and this Glow up is only gonna blow up her head to dangerous levels.

Wow… she’s literally just taken the job. So she forced over time on you for 3 years??? I work in that office as a carrier at this very moment. This office has gotten much better with her there. Her head is going to blow up to dangerous level? She’s been the OIC since January I think. And as far as I know she was only a carrier in Allentown for a couple of months so how would you know how good of a carrier she was? Her years as a carrier was in another state. LOL you must be one… Read more »