Final report on the Aug. 31, 2019, mass shooting in Odessa was released today

The report continues that Ator eventually made his way to a centrally located residential area and began shooting again. Ator shot Wanda Silvas while driving on East 38th Street at Dixie and then drove south on Adams Street where he stopped his car next to postal worker Mary Granados as she sat inside her US Postal Service (USPS) delivery van. Ator shot at nearby motorists then yanked Mary Granados out of her USPS van by her arm and immediately shot her in the head.

Ator retrieved what appeared to be a rifle magazine or a mobile phone from his car. Ator shot Mary Granados, who was laying on the ground, a second time just before he entered the USPS delivery van. Ator fled the area in the USPS delivery van and drove to the area of Walnut Ave and East 38th Street where he shot Edwin Peregrino and Jesus Rogelio Alvidrez. Ator drove away from the area in the USPS van.


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Why in hell are Postal Employees not allowed to protect themselves???