Feeling burned out?

Postal Service employees can participate in an upcoming webinar to learn what to do when you get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, lose motivation and experience burnout.

The session, “How to Overcome Burnout and Stay Motivated,” will be held Thursday, Feb. 24, at noon EST.

Representatives from Blue Cross Blue Shield and the Virginia Hospital Center will conduct the webinar, which is the first in a two-part series.

This session will provide an overview of burnout, how it develops and ways it can be alleviated. The second installment will be held in March.

Participants must register before the event on the webinar website. After signing up, directions for accessing the webinar will be emailed to each registrant.

Following the webinar, registrants will receive an email with a link to an archived recording and the slides shown.

Participation is voluntary. Nonexempt employees may only participate off the clock or during authorized breaks.

For more information, email the USPS Health and Wellness team.


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Wonder how 15 hour days when your only paid for 9 hours a day factor into burnout?

Feb 24th, at noon—a vast majority of the usps workforce will be working… Just another example of the way usps works up on high…. The poor frustrated people sitting behind desks get touchy feeley webinars… and—pun intended—the real sufferers are left out in the cold…

A good method to combat burnout is to stop working employees like slaves. You would be in the hospital at the end of the week if you completed the district’s lofty expectations.