Feds seek 29 years for man who mailed pipe bomb, death threat

As the federal case against Krieg winds down, a civil suit filed in Lake County by one of the victims and his family aims to collect punitive damages from the man who aimed to send them a pipe bomb.

“A sentence of imprisonment of 29 years will serve to deter the defendant from future criminal behavior, in addition to deterring others from committing similar offenses,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Jennifer Chang said in the sentencing memo.

Chang said the government dismissed one count of the indictment that had a mandatory minimum sentence of 30 years and a maximum of life.

Federal prosecutors say that Krieg’s actions were spurred by a 2013 defamation lawsuit filed by “Victim 1” on behalf of a client, and online conversations with “Victim 3.”

In September 2017, Krieg mailed a pipe bomb from an East Chicago post office that was destined for the residence of “Victim 1” but it exploded in the facility and injured “Victim 2,” a pregnant postal worker. “Victim 2” suffered minor injuries, according to court documents.


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